Living Up to What You’ve Attained

Philippians 3:15-21   There are a few rules of common decency that I think all of society ought to maintain.  I’m not really talking about biblical commands here. I’d say these are really more common courtesy and common sense concepts. For example, I’m always amazed at what some people would rather have than money.  In fact, a lot of these … Read More

Here’s What I’ve Got

Acts 3:1-26   I find momentum to be a fascinating thing.  Often, it’s associated with sporting events, but really it can refer to any sort of situation. Momentum happens when things begin to click.  Usually, it affects a group of people rather than an individual, though that can sometimes be the case. I really like seeing momentum develop and build … Read More

Too Much of Something

Acts 2:1-13   You may or may not know that one of the categories in our recent Trivia Night was Easter.  That meant teams received 10 questions, including a bonus, that all pertained to that certain holiday. There was one particular question that caused some trouble for many of our teams. It pertained to a special day celebrated by the … Read More

What Do We Do Now?

Exodus 15:22-27   I remember the difficulty—it seems minor now, but was agonizing at the time—following my weekend trips to the Ozark Mountains. Ever since I could remember, my parents would take me up to Fayetteville, Arkansas, on that beautifully scenic road that wound its way to their alma mater. We’d go about three or four times a year—whenever the … Read More