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John 3:1-21   Let’s talk about balloons for a moment.  Do you remember how much you liked balloons as a child?  Spongebob and Patrick really like balloons. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, consider yourself blessed.  They liked balloons so much, they decided to “borrow” one from a local vendor. It wasn’t until much later that they realized … Read More

The Lord Will Provide

Jonah   So the story goes that a father and his son once went on a journey.  This was a unique circumstance—and a unique relationship. The father was old—quite a bit older than most fathers with teenage children. The man and his wife had essentially given up on children quite some time ago. They were unable to conceive.  But, as … Read More

A Matter of Life and Death

Romans 6:1-14   I don’t really know that I’ve ever had any close encounters with death.  I suppose there have been brushes, as you might call them. I remember once in high school when the car I was in started hydroplaning on an interstate highway.  We were in the far left lane. It was a three-lane highway.  By the time … Read More