May I Have a Word?

Matthew 4:1-11   Let’s talk about books for a moment.  I’ve had a cyclical relationship with books throughout my life.  As a little kid, I loved them. I couldn’t get enough of them.  Then, as I grew into high school and college, I came to dislike the things.  The reason was simple:  school. I had to read them in school.  … Read More


Joshua 7:1-26   So what does it mean to be taken seriously?  We live in a world with so much that is ridiculous, so it’s difficult to know what to take seriously. Turn on your television for a few minutes and you will see what I mean.  Most shows are not to be taken seriously.  They are too far-fetched. The … Read More

There’s Room for Cornelius

Acts 10:1-28   Last Sunday was kind of a busy one.  We had our usual Sunday morning services. And then, as we often do, Kelley and the boys and I went out to lunch.  Following that, she was planning on taking the boys swimming with some friends. I was unable to go, because I had church council meeting later that … Read More