Psalm 131

Every now and again, we need a good word.  We need a timely word.  We need a word that shapes our perspective in a healthy fashion. Things are a bit crazy in our world right now.  This is especially true during an election cycle.  Sides are chosen.  Opinions are given…or shouted.  So many people are just ready for the madness … Read More

Psalm 13

What does it mean to be filled with longing?  We all have longings throughout our lives, though those longings will certainly vary–from person to person and from season to season.  The presence of longing in our lives would suggest that something is missing.  So why do we long so much?  What is missing? David begins Psalm 13 with four questions, … Read More

Psalm 65

Sometimes in life, we focus on the wrong things.  We ask for blessings from God, mostly because we believe they are what’s best for us.  And then, when they don’t come as we expected or when we expected, we are left confused and perhaps even angry.  Psalm 65 gives us a good dose of what matters.  It helps us remember what … Read More

Psalm 46

Today is a special day in our community…and in my household as well.  School began today, and there were certainly mixed emotions.  Due to different starting times, my wife drove one of our boys to school while I drove the other.  The one I took this morning was not particularly thrilled about the start of school.  As we often do … Read More

Psalm 56

“In God We Trust.”  It’s a phrase we are very familiar with.  And often, that’s all it is: a phrase.  Circumstances have a way of showing us just how anchored our lives truly are.  We face hardships every week, and some weeks are more difficult than others.  This particular psalm, Psalm 56, was written by David during a time when … Read More