Summers are always a different story in my personal life and in the life of our church at Friendship. In many ways, summers are a chaotic mess. There are meetings, fellowships, VBS, camps, and much more. I know that it can be an even greater strain in the life of a family because you deal with it on a daily basis. … Read More


As you may know, my role here at Friendship Baptist is to minister to our youth and children. This has also led me to working with our college students who volunteer at many different events and programs that take place here. There is a reoccurring theme to many of our conversations, and it all centers around their futures. Kids often … Read More


As many of you may know, we are presently exploring Paul’s letters during our Sunday evening Bible Study.  If you haven’t joined us yet, I challenge you to do so!  There is great potential for growth.  One of the themes we have already noticed during our study of Galatians is works-based salvation.  Paul seemed to have regular opponents to his … Read More

Psalm 119

You may have wondered exactly what I might say regarding Psalm 119, if you looked at the title.  After all, it is 176 verses…and even covers nine pages of my Bible!  This lengthy psalm is divided into 22 sections of eight verses.  In my NASB, under “Psalm 119” reads the heading:  Meditations and Prayers Relating to the Law of God. Take … Read More