Psalm 56

“In God We Trust.”  It’s a phrase we are very familiar with.  And often, that’s all it is: a phrase.  Circumstances have a way of showing us just how anchored our lives truly are.  We face hardships every week, and some weeks are more difficult than others.  This particular psalm, Psalm 56, was written by David during a time when … Read More

Psalm 36

This particular psalm is one that speaks many comforting words to us.  “How precious is Your steadfast love, O God!”  “With You is the fountain of life.”  You’ve probably heard these words in contemporary Christian music:  “Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds.  Your righteousness is like the mountains of God.”  These are … Read More

Psalm 115

Recently, a famous television show came to its conclusion.  Never again will we tune in to view “American Idol”.  After fifteen seasons, the show decided to call it quits.  Many of you may well be very familiar with the show.  It has produced a number of singers who have gone on to become very famous.  Those singers are now “idolized” … Read More

Psalm 113

Sometimes it is difficult to get excited about reading scripture.  The phrases such as “thou shalt not” and “verily, verily I say” just don’t strike a chord with many of us.  We know that scripture is good.  We know that we need it.  But we aren’t always passionate about it.  We need something to wake us up every now and … Read More

Psalm 112

If ever there was a psalm to be the theme of the Prosperity Gospel, Psalm 112 might just be it.  Unless, of course, you read the whole thing and consider context.  You know about the Prosperity Gospel, don’t you?  It’s the idea that God wants to give you everything you could ever dream of.  Come forward, pray the right prayer, … Read More