Psalm 103

I can distinctly remember hearing the choir in the church in which I was raised.  They regularly sang a song with the words, “Bless the Lord, O my soul!  And all that is within me bless His holy name!”  These were not the words of some contemporary composer.  They were taken directly from the scriptures–directly from Psalm 103. But there … Read More

Psalm 98

What is Sunday morning like for you and your family, especially with getting ready for church?  I would imagine it’s a bit of a mixed bag.  Some mornings, things go smoothly and everyone seems locked in.  Other mornings, the world has turned upside down and church becomes something to “get through”.  And other mornings are somewhere in between. Thankfully, the … Read More

Psalm 85

I have found a certain richness in the psalms numbering in the 80’s.  One of my favorite praise songs from my time in youth ministry, “Better Is One Day in Your Courts”, came directly from Psalm 84.  Today, we take a look at the following psalm, number 85.  In it we find the heartbeat of a vibrant relationship with God. … Read More

Psalm 67

We ask for things.  All.  The.  Time.  Sometimes we don’t even realize how much stuff we ask for.  I have two sons in elementary/middle school.  I am astounded at the sheer volume of things they ask for–material things, food, help, etc.  Of course, I ask for my share of stuff as well. There is often a common motivating factor behind … Read More

Psalm 29

This particular psalm begins with an interesting word:  “ascribe”.  That word is defined as “to assign a characteristic or quality”.  In other words, if you “ascribe” something to someone else, you are stating that he or she is worthy of that quality or characteristic.  In Psalm 29, therefore, David is saying that glory and strength are due to God.  He … Read More