Psalm 113

Sometimes it is difficult to get excited about reading scripture.  The phrases such as “thou shalt not” and “verily, verily I say” just don’t strike a chord with many of us.  We know that scripture is good.  We know that we need it.  But we aren’t always passionate about it.  We need something to wake us up every now and again.

I would call Psalm 113 a “wake-up” psalm.  First of all, out of its nine verses, five end with exclamation points.  Two others comprise questions.  So the author clearly has some energy regarding what he is saying.  In fact, that little punctuation mark is probably easy to gloss over when reading most any literature.

In the hit comedy “Seinfeld”, the female lead character, Elaine Benes, was very upset at her boyfriend for failing to use exclamation points.  He took a phone message for her regarding one of her friends giving birth.  He didn’t use an exclamation point when writing the message.  This upset Elaine, because clearly this is a momentous and exciting event!

What if we read Psalm 113 as though what was written there was something momentous and exciting?  What if we tried reading scripture aloud, doing our best to emulate the energy and passion with which the author wrote?  “Praise the Lord!” he writes in verse one.  There is no greater thing for which we were created, so let’s get excited about it!  God is high above all nations.  There is none like Him, and so we celebrate!  God has done marvelous things.  He lifts up the downtrodden and brokenhearted.  He brings life from barren soil and from barren wombs.  Should this not energize us?

Today, I encourage you to read God’s word with passion and conviction.  Don’t merely allow its words to speak to you.  Allow its spirit to speak to you.  When we recount all that God has done–whether in scripture, in history, or even in our very own lives–there is much to celebrate!  May God use His word to stir something deep within you today.  May He revive you and remind you that there is no greater thing than being a part of His kingdom work!