Psalm 119

You may have wondered exactly what I might say regarding Psalm 119, if you looked at the title.  After all, it is 176 verses…and even covers nine pages of my Bible!  This lengthy psalm is divided into 22 sections of eight verses.  In my NASB, under “Psalm 119” reads the heading:  Meditations and Prayers Relating to the Law of God.

Take a look at the first section, verses one through eight.  There are similar words throughout:  testimonies, ways, precepts, statutes, commandments, and judgments.  Were you to read the entire psalm, you would notice similar word usages (with similar frequency) in each of the 21 other sections.  The theme of the psalm is clear:  God has spoken, and we would do well to follow what He says.

What does it say about God’s Word, that the longest chapter in the entire Bible repeats the same message over and over:  hear God’s commands and obey them?  The psalm tells us that doing so will result in better lives for us–though perhaps not “better” in the way the world would define it.  There is no greater joy, no more significant blessing, and no way to grow as a person that could surpass what we find in the Word of God.

As you continue through these opening days of 2017, I pray that you will make (and keep) a commitment to God–a commitment to stay in His Word.  Read it everyday, even if only for a few minutes.  Allow it to saturate your thinking until it affects your choices, your words, and your attitude.  See what transformation might come about when you spend a year devoted to God’s Word!

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