Psalm 131

Every now and again, we need a good word.  We need a timely word.  We need a word that shapes our perspective in a healthy fashion.

Things are a bit crazy in our world right now.  This is especially true during an election cycle.  Sides are chosen.  Opinions are given…or shouted.  So many people are just ready for the madness to be over.  But I have news for you.  On November 8, this election will wrap up, but that doesn’t mean an end to madness.  Something else always comes along.

That’s why David’s words in Psalm 131 are very important.  It’s a short psalm–one of the smallest.  It features only three verses, and yet its few words do a good job of putting things into perspective for us.  Take a moment and read it.

David refuses to think too much of himself–his accomplishments, his status, or perhaps even his own opinion.  He also realizes that there is much that goes on in this world that is above his head.  He doesn’t understand everything, so why should he attempt to pretend that he does?  There are even things “too wonderful” for him.  There are good things, rich things, and more than likely godly things that are beyond our comprehension.  Our God is a wonderful God, but so often we cannot fathom what He is up to.  Isaiah tells us that His ways are not our ways, and neither are His thoughts.

Instead, David has found the unique ability to still and quiet his soul.  He has found rest.  He is like an infant child with his or her mother.  For a little baby, nothing going around him or her matters as long as the child is safe in Mom’s arms.  David has a higher view of life, a more anchored view.  He has a quiet trust that, whatever may befall, he will be content.

Why?  Verse three gives us the answer.  David implores his people to put their trust in the Lord, now and forevermore.  He has already done it, so David now urges his people to do the same.  He knows they are prone to wander.  We know we have a proclivity to obsess over circumstances until they become favorable in our own eyes.  But David refuses to do so, and so should we.  If we believe what the Bible says about God, there is nothing to fear.

“Put your hope in the Lord, both now and forevermore!”

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