Psalm 27

In my Bible, Psalm 27 is described as “a psalm of fearless trust in God”.  “Fearless trust”…that’s a wonderful way to describe what it means to be in right relationship with God.  It’s also a concept that can be most elusive.  David begins the psalm with words that are, perhaps, familiar to you.  “The Lord is my light and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the defense of my life.  Whom shall I dread?”

It is a good thing to describe God as your light, your salvation, and your defense.  It is a good thing to know these things to be true, to consider them as facts.  But experiencing those things in your life is a whole other story.  David, in the midst of battle and life-threatening harm, had learned those things to be true of God.

It’s fascinating that, in verse four, David makes a specific request.  While living a life facing untold number of enemies, David asks for one thing.  He seeks it.  “That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,” he says.  He seeks to behold His beauty and meditate in His temple.  David doesn’t ask for stuff.  He doesn’t ask for changed circumstances, though I’m sure he desires those.  He asks for God’s presence.  He asks to be with God.

We have one advantage that David did not have.  We have the presence of God with us, if we have surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ.  We have the Holy Spirit.  Scripture tells us that we are the temple now.  We don’t have to go to some building to dwell with God.  We can do it wherever we are.  The best way we can encounter Him is through His word.  When we meditate on what He has said to us, we “behold His beauty”.  And then we respond, as David did.  In verse six, he sings praises.  In verse nine, he cries out for help.  In verse eleven, he seeks guidance.

This week, may you be able to fearlessly trust the Lord in every area of your life.  May you find the strength to wait for Him, as David mentioned in verse fourteen.  May you find the boldness to transparently confess your sin to Him and seek His forgiveness.  May you find the wisdom to turn to Him in your hour of need, rather than to some other human or some earthly crutch.  And may you find the desire to be in His presence, and may that desire overshadow all others!

As with all the psalms, we encourage you to read through this one, meditate on its words, and then allow it to shape your prayer time.  We hope this devotional will help you do just that!