Psalm 56

“In God We Trust.”  It’s a phrase we are very familiar with.  And often, that’s all it is: a phrase.  Circumstances have a way of showing us just how anchored our lives truly are.  We face hardships every week, and some weeks are more difficult than others.  This particular psalm, Psalm 56, was written by David during a time when he was facing immense difficulty.  He had been seized by the Philistines in Gath, a major Philistine town.  If anyone had cause to waver in his faith, it was David at this time.

He begins by lamenting his situation.  He is being trampled and oppressed by the enemy.  However, he is quick to remember what matters.  He will trust in God.  He will not be afraid.  What can mere humans do to him?  Humanity can do nothing from which God cannot rescue us.  Even should we die from our circumstances, what awaits those who trust in God is eternity with Him in heaven.

And yet, David doesn’t have to merely wait for heaven to see things in a different light.  God is near him.  In verse 8, David says to God that he is aware that God is aware.  God has seen all his tossings and wanderings.  God has seen every tear that David has shed.  David knows that God is for him.  Once again, he reminds himself: in God I trust.  I shall not be afraid.  What can man do to me?

In this psalm, we don’t know whether or not David’s circumstances change.  We know from other scripture that they do, but this particular passage doesn’t tell us.  What we do see, however, is that David has changed.  He will not only trust, but he will also obey.  He will bring his offerings to God.  He will worship.  And he says something very important in verse 13:  “For You have delivered my soul from death.”

Life throws some awful things our way, but through Jesus Christ God has made deliverance and salvation available to us.  And that’s the final argument and the closing verdict.  If we have placed our trust–our entire lives–in the hands of the One who sent His Son to die for us and who stays so close to us that He could count our tears, then the “things of the earth grow strangely dim”.  Be reminded today.  Call upon God rather than focusing on your circumstances.  And may you come to the same conclusion David did!

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