Psalm 65

Sometimes in life, we focus on the wrong things.  We ask for blessings from God, mostly because we believe they are what’s best for us.  And then, when they don’t come as we expected or when we expected, we are left confused and perhaps even angry.  Psalm 65 gives us a good dose of what matters.  It helps us remember what is most significant in our lives–for good and for bad.

Look at verse three.  Often we feel as though forces are conspiring against us.  People are out to get us.  Corrupt institutions are abusing us.  And yet, verse three reminds us that the one thing that most wants to prevail over us is sin.  God has taken care of that on the Cross.  He has atoned for our transgressions.  The only thing that can ultimately defeat us is sin and death, but that has been covered.

Look at verse four.  David, the author, states that he and his people will be satisfied with the goodness of God’s house, with the holiness of His temple.  It will be enough for David that he should be chosen by God and brought near to Him.  Is that enough for us?  Scripture tells us that, if we are “saved”, we have the very presence of God surrounding and indwelling our lives.  Can we be satisfied with the goodness of God’s presence?  Or do we require something more–or, to put it a better way, something less?

Look at verse five.  At times we demand that God answer us with our wishes.  We desire stuff, money, relationships, power, security, and the like.  Notice that God answers us by awesome deeds.  He answers us with righteousness.  What do we need in this life?  Do we need all that we ask for?  Or do we need God’s awesome work of salvation and the righteousness that only He can make available?

The rest of the psalm highlights the intimate goodness of God in personally caring for His creation.  At the end of the day, God provides the quiet rest, the food and water, and the daily mechanics of sunrise and sunset that we need to survive.  We are well cared for.  We are watched over.  You may not have exactly what you want at this exact moment, but in Jesus Christ we have what matters.

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