As you may know, my role here at Friendship Baptist is to minister to our youth and children. This has also led me to working with our college students who volunteer at many different events and programs that take place here.

There is a reoccurring theme to many of our conversations, and it all centers around their futures. Kids often dream of what they want to be when they grow up, students wonder about their future careers and what college they want to attend, and college students are planning out the rest of their lives. All of them want to make an impact, even if they don’t know what kind of impact they want to make. They simply want to know that what they are doing is meaningful and has a purpose.

However, in this pursuit to find a future purpose we forget that the work we are doing right now can have deep and meaningful impact. Our purpose is not found in what we plan to do later or what we are working to achieve, but rather in the process that God has given us and the calling He has placed on our current situations and circumstances.

As I was reading over my passage for today, I stopped on a random verse because it caught my attention. In Colossians 4:17, Paul makes a special request that those reading this letter would tell Archippus to “see that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.” The only other time that he is mentioned is in Philemon 1:2, where he is called “our fellow soldier”. Archippus had a clear role to play in the work of the gospel, but no one mentioned him very much. They simply call him one of their own and encourage him.

We focus so much on the ministry of Jesus and the life of Paul when we read the New Testament, while some faithful members of the Body of Christ fall through the cracks and go unnoticed. That does not mean that the role they play in the Kingdom is any less valuable. Though Archippus had a purpose, his work was not as recognized as others that we read about.

As you continue through this week, remember that where God has called you to right now is where you can make the best impact. Your purpose is to be right where you are. Your job, your family, your friends, your church all need you to be a “fellow soldier” in sharing the gospel and making a big deal about Christ. Your purpose is to serve God where he has called you to serve–not where he has called you to serve in the future, but where He has given you opportunity right now.

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