The Fox and the Hen

June 28, 2020
Jesus laments the sad state of Jerusalem. The people of God are about to be uprooted, much like the fig tree in the parable earlier in chapter 13. Jesus remains…

The Practice of Sinning

June 21, 2020
One of the defining characteristics of a Christian is loveā€”love for God and love for others. Before we act or speak, let us consider: am I honoring God by doing…

It Starts with a Command

June 14, 2020
God appears in the burning bush and identifies Himself to Moses. Moses speaks of his insufficiencies, while God speaks of His sufficiencies.

That’s Not Fair

June 7, 2020
The grace of God is often misunderstood, and it challenges our notions of fairness. We all need a greater awareness of the grace God has bestowed upon us, so that…

It’s Why He Came

May 31, 2020
Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. No one is beyond his reach or the scope of God's salvation.